COVID-19 Has completely changed our lives forever.  Some people have been able to survive during the pandemic but the majority are living day to day.  Others, hour by hour.  Now more than ever in the history of our world, our community leaders are needed.  

At Third Coast Barber College, fostering an environment that promotes safety and creativity is our mission.  That also extends to those that live in our communities.  We believe a hair cut is more than just a hair cut.  It transforms people in more ways than you can imagine.  From boosting self confidence to fulfilling company requirements, haircuts are essential.

If you have always wanted a tangible way to donate to a good cause, follow these 3 easy steps and donate a $6 hair cut or 2!


Step 1. Click The Link Below


Step 2. Select The Amount You Want to Donate and Choose the recipient (you can donate to someone special or directly to the school for anyone to use)

Enter Admin@3cbarbercollege.com for donations to the school.


Step 3. Select The Amount You Want to Donate!



Don't Worry, your hair cuts can be tracked if you choose. Just enter an email address during checkout to receive notifications once your voucher has been used.


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